A Fake Christmas (Just Because We Could)

Last weekend we were having a really simple Sunday Roast and I wanted to make it a little more exciting. I said to Daddy we should make it a Fake Christmas Dinner. We have previous form for this sort of thing, having had a few fake Christmas meals and once having a Fake Christmas meal with my Sister and Just-Like-A-Brother-to-Me complete with Christmas tree and Christmas gifts (I got soap). Anyway, Daddy looked at me as if I were a little crazy and said something about not being so daft.

I went into the Kitchen to serve up and when I went back into the Living Room to lay the table there was Christmas Music playing and Daddy was nowhere to be seen, which although not unusual was a little odd as normally if there is any form of roast about to be served he is first to the table. When I started to bring the plates through I could see what Daddy had been doing. He had been in the loft getting some Christmas Crackers down...

I went back into the kitchen as I knew that I had some Christmas napkins which would add a bit more festivity to the meal and I think you'll agree they did set the Crackers off quite nicely!

We did of course all put on our Paper hats, and read our silly jokes and as these were posh John Lewis Crackers, read a bit of Trivia and pretended to play Charades too.


The only problem that we had though was Baby Boy's hat was a little too big, which led to some amusing antics trying to keep it up...

And that was our Fake Christmas Dinner that we had, just because we could.