How to write Christmas Cards

If you have been following the Christmas Club blog posts over the last year, then you will know that I like to get ahead with my Christmas Cards. I am going to share some of my secrets for sending out Great Christmas cards. I know that you already know how to do this, but trust me some of the tips I am sharing are sensible!

The first thing to do is to chose your Christmas Cards. It is important that your cards are something you like and reflect you and your family AND are something that the recipient will enjoy looking at. This is why when we send cards out for Top Ender she tends to send Disney Princess ones to her girl friends and more boyish ones to the boys. I find that I send more religious cards to those I know who celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus and more cutesy or funny ones to those who don't!

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The second secret and one of the most important secrets to writing a good Christmas Card is to not do too many in one go. If you have a master list of who you send cards to, then you can split it up so that you only have to write a few over several evenings. This means that you won't get sick and tired of them, you won't rush them and not use your most special handwriting, and you won't run out of cards on Christmas Eve just when you realise you've not given a card to your Mum... I speak from experience.

It's always a good idea to keep a few cards spare just in case someone that you hadn't thought of pops into your head, or you get a card from a friend with details of a new address or who wasn't originally on your list. Not that you have to send everyone who sent you a card if you don't want to... I just like to!

The next step of course is to make each card a little personal. This could be by adding a quote to the card, by mentioning that you can't wait to see the recipient over the Christmas period or by popping in a holiday photo of your family. Even if your cards have already been printed with your family name, you should still sign the card as it shows that you really do care!

Always sign your name last when you are writing cards!

There is a secret on how to put the card in the envelope. I know, I know! It does actually make a difference though. When you put the card into the envelope the front of the card should face the flap of the envelope. If you are brave enough then you should ask your children for help in decorating the back of the envelope with stickers or stamps.

I like to make things look a little seasonal on the front of the envelope too and so I will always buy the Christmas themed stamps to stick on. I sometimes buy the religious themed ones but this year I was pleased to see that Royal Mail have created some fantastic Christmas stamps featuring Wallace and Gromit!

Aren't they fantastic?! You can of course still buy the more religious themed ones which are a beautiful picture of Madonna and child.

If you want to write a Holiday Letter but don't know where to start then check out my Holiday Letter post!