Stocking Fillers - Magazines and Comics

Top Ender loves to read magazines and comics. Before she could read, it was good because the comic-strip images would help her be able to read the story without looking at the words and now she just loves the stories that they tell. Baby Boy is still at the stage where anything with pictures and pages is great fun, and he loves to read a few of the magazines aimed at children such as the Cbeebies magazine or the Playhouse Disney magazine.

Normally a few days before Christmas I will buy the latest copy of the magazine most in favour (eg which one has the best free toy) to include in the stocking, but this year I am thinking of doing something a little different. Top Ender has got to the age now where she is more aware about the world and the magazines that she see's Daddy and I or other family members reading. She can see that her magazines are actually comics and she would really like a more Grown up magazine.

I have had a look around, and it was when National Geographic emailed me to tell me about the Kids Magazine that they do, that I realised I may have found the perfect magazine for Top Ender. A quick look round the National Geographic Kids website had me hooked and I think that Santa may be buying Top Ender a subscription to this magazine.

The lovely people at National Geographic Kids have a special offer on at the moment and if you go to the Subscription page you can get a years subscription (12 issues a year) for £24. As the magazine is normally £2.99 an issue, its a good saving!

For Daddy things are a little easier, if it is about Planes, Trains or Computers then he shall be happy and I will be quite happy with a Prima or a Woman's Weekly. My Mum loves Women's magazines, you know the sort full of stories of "How my husband came back from the dead" or "Burned Alive by the Man I loved". I might just buy a huge bunch of them from the man on the market and give them to her as a proper gift rather than in her stocking!