Christmas Club - November

So it's the last month of the Christmas Club for 2010, only one month until the big day and there is still a lot to do. Well there is here anyway. We have made our Christmas pudding (it smelt lovely) but still have our Christmas Cake to make, and our decorations to put up and our advent calenders to fill with chocolate and even our Christmas outfits to be finalised!

Christmas Pudding Mix

Have you made your Christmas Pudding and Christmas Cake yet? I have made a Christmas Pudding for us and for my Mother In Law but I won't make our Christmas Cake until this weekend when we put the decorations up. That way whilst we are decorating, the lovely aroma of Christmas spices will fill the house and my range cooker will also do a good job of heating the house too!

As I mentioned, this Sunday we will also be putting up our Christmas Decorations. This year we are going to be sensible and after we have decided what we are putting up we are going to sort through the rest of the decorations and either recycle them or give them away via freecycle. We have a lot of decorations that have been given to us from both my Mum and my Nan and they deserve a good home! I know that Daddy will want me to get rid of a few old decorations, but there are a few that I just need to keep for now.

Of course we have already brought a advent calender for Top Ender and Baby Boy, but Daddy and I have to fill our own, and we can't do that until it is hung in the Living room. If you haven't yet brought your advent calenders then you can either make one or buy one in a hurry!

I know what I am wearing for Christmas and Top Ender and Baby Boy both have gifts of new clothes for Christmas Day so its only Daddy to sort out... not that I am putting any pressure on him. No sir.

Now is also the time to think about New Years Eve and Christmas Sales! Where are you going to be on New Years Eve? What will you eat or drink? And the Christmas/ New Year Sales, do you need anything? Is there something that you should be looking out for? Is there a top price you want to pay? A little planning now saves a lot of walking later!

Whatever it is that you are up to this weekend and in the run up to Christmas, I would just like to offer you and your family A Very Merry Christmas!