Bluebell Hunting in Shenley Wood

We love going for walks in our local woodland areas. We are lucky that in Milton Keynes we have several green areas that are managed by the Parks Trust and we are slowly making our way around all of them. Last weekend we went for a walk in Shenley Wood.
Top Ender and Baby Boy look at the Shenley Wood Map

We studied the map at the edge of the car park so that we knew what route we wanted to take, to make the most of our walk and then set off in the sunshine. We were soon inside the wood and noticing the wide variety of plants in the area, and the carpet of bluebells kept us all seeing the magic fairies adding colour to the woods. We kept a look out for Foxes and Deer as Daddy had told us that they live in these woods, but we didn't see any; We did see some butterflies though!

The different things we saw in Shenley Woods

Despite being in the middle of a grid road (I mentioned the system of roads in MK before if you want to go and read about where I live and why I love it) all we could hear when we were in the woods was birds, the occasional horse on a morning walk and the delight from Top Ender and Baby Boy as they found another tree that might of been the Faraway Tree from the Enid Blyton stories! It was a lovely walk, and we didn't realise that we had been walking for as long as we had when we got back to our start point. We saw a few other families walking through the woods and a few dog walkers, but the woods were big enough that we weren't bumping into each other all the time!

Baby Boy and Top Ender on the gate at Shenley Wood

If you live locally to Milton Keynes then why not go to one of the parks for a walk this weekend, and if you are too far away why not find a similar space near you?