The Fridge Of A Bad Parent Meme

There isn't a lot that I won't show. I have shown my underwear in the toilets of the MAD Blog Awards (which you can totally nominate me for again by the way) and there is a blog post floating around here somewhere of me in my underwear too. I have shown you around my house a few times, shown you piles of junk that live in my house, you've seen my sink, my garden, my car and inside my fridge.
Cleaning the fridge is easy when it's empty

Sally however decided this wasn't good enough because even though it looks clean and tidy I didn't list what was in the fridge and she needs to know this, just to check if I am a bad parent like she is. Now, before you all jump on me Sally was the one that said she was a bad parent not me!

So I went to my fridge last night and my fridge was fuller than I thought, as I was teasing that all I had was a loaf of bread. Hopefully Vic, Emma and Jen all have fridges like mine to really wind Sally up! Here is the photo and the list;

The Bad Parent Fridge

Sun Tan Cream
After Sun Lotion
Two tubes Tomato Paste (for Home Made Pizza)
One jar Marmalade
One jar of Baby Food
Salad Cream
BBQ Sauce
Lemon Juice (just out of shot)
Jug of Water
Tomato Ketchup
Half a Mars Milkshake (Top Ender's)
Can of Fake Cream
Blackcurrant Squash
Orange Squash
Bottle of Coke (Daddy's)
Pack of White Onions
Two Red Onions
Two cucumbers
One Lemon
One Chicken for Sunday Roast (defrosting)
One Pack of Stork (for Baking)
Goose Fat (for roast potatoes)
Candied Peel (baking)
Cherries (baking)
Mincemeat (The sweet stuff for baking)
Pastry (for making Home Made Pop Tarts)
Three packs of butter like spread (one for us who eat wheat, one for Daddy and a spare!)
Various Yoghurt's
Loaf of Bread
Soup defrosting for Lunch
Two packs of Cheddar Cheese (Medium and Mature)
One pack of kids cheese that Baby Boy picked up
Curry Paste
Pickled Onions
Mint Sauce
Apple Sauce
Cranberry Jelly
And half a Mars Bar (Top Ender's)

And before you all complain that I am an evil mother who doesn't feed my children it is shopping day tomorrow, the fresh fruit lives on the butchers table in the middle of the kitchen, the potatoes live underneath the butchers table and the cupboards with food in are full of lots of staples! 

And seeing as this is a bit of fun I am going to tag the following people to make me feel better by showing me inside their fridges...

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Rosie at Rosie Scribble (It will be full of Mars Bars)
Tattooed Mummy (Hmm, if her daughters hair is anything to go by lots of fish)
Bethan at Bethan-no-y (Something experimental?) and
Kateab at The Five Fs! (She has lush recipes on her blog but I am hoping there is a surprise here!)

Just before you go though, can I just check if you were to judge me by my fridge am I a bad parent?