Tracks of My Years - 2001

The song that I am going to talk about in this weeks Tracks of My Years isn't a song that I actually like but it was the backing track to a very important day of my life and although I don't think I will ever like it I have at least learnt to tolerate it over the last ten years. It's thanks to Jen that I decided to share this with everyone though, so make sure that you pop on over to her to see what track she has chosen this week and anyone else who has joined up.

Just over ten years ago Daddy and I were engaged and organising our wedding. We had decided on having a DJ at our evening reception and we had found one that had been suggested as being in our budget and being good and so he came to my parents house so we could meet him. We talked about songs that we wanted played, songs that we liked and then he mentioned one that both Daddy and I immediately both said we didn't like. The song was Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head".

We hired the man and a few weeks later we took to the dance floor to dance our first dance as a married couple. Then as we finished our first dance he decided to up the tempo with a special song that he would like to dedicate to the happy couple as he knew that they both loved the song. The people at the reception clapped and cheered and Daddy and I looked at each other as the song started to play.

Yup he did.

So the first song dedicated to the happy couple wasn't a song that we liked but we danced anyway... and didn't tell anyone until now.