Green - The Gallery

If you are looking for my Wordless Wednesday post, it's here.

The theme for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers this week was Green. I thought about lots of pictures I could take, I thought about lots of pictures I had taken. I thought about tricks I could play or ways to manipulate my pictures but in the end when it came down to it there was one image that stuck in my head and I knew I had to post it.

Green Grass

That's right it's a close up of my lawn.

Baby Boy and I love to sit in the garden to have our lunch. We sit near the swings or sometimes on the step and chat about whatever we fancy. If we time it right we can listen to the noise from Top Ender's school carry on the breeze until we convince ourselves we can hear her shouting to us and sending kisses that caress our cheeks.

When Top Ender comes home in the evening we all go out to the garden and have a bit of a run around, play a few games burn off some energy until we all collapse on the grass giggling together and watch the clouds go by making shapes for us to find.

When Daddy is home from work we all sit in the garden enjoying the warm evenings, the breeze blowing in the branches of our tree's. Enjoying each other's company, enjoying the time together.

That's why when you say Green, I say Grass.

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