Making Friends Sucks - Part Six

Last year I was worried about friends. I didn't have the sort of friends that I could call up at 10pm on a Wednesday and complain about the crappy day I had experienced, or who could tell I was feeling down and would send me an email to cheer me up, or who would stay up half the night with me talking about life, the universe and which teacher at school we had most fancied.

I thought that there was something wrong with me.

I have never really had a best friend (other than my husband) and it worried me. What example was I setting for Top Ender and Baby Boy if they never saw me laughing and trusting a friend? I tried to make friends, to fit in with already established groups but it didn't really work out but I did make two friends who I get on well with. I thought that was going to be it.

It never does work out the way you planned does it?

And then I realised just now that I do have friends. I have great friends. Friends who don't care if I call them at 10pm, friends who send me emails to make me laugh, friends who don't mind chatting to me about stupid tiny little things, friends who I care for.

When we went to Drayton Manor for the Ben 10 Ride launch we bumped in to Sally, Jen and Rosie three of the people I consider to be my friends (tough luck if they don't think I am!). Top Ender and Baby Boy knew who they were and didn't think twice to say hello when we saw them again and again around the park and it became a bit of a game to see when we would spot them next! The other two people who make up my group of friends are of course Top Ender and Baby Boy... only joking it's Vic and Emma!

I think it is a fitting end to this series of posts that I found that I do have some great friends and that they are ruddy gorgeous.

Some of my Friends