MAD Nominations

Today The MAD's Blog Awards announced who has been nominated in all categories so far. Yes, the first thing I did was check all categories to see if I had been nominated and it turns out that not only have I been nominated in the MAD Blog Awards 2011 for the Best MAD Family Fun Blog Category (that's the one I was lucky enough to win last year) but also the Most Innovative MAD Blog Category, Best MAD Pre-School Fun Blog Category, Best MAD Family Life Blog Category and the Parentdish Blogger of the year category too.

Thank you for this everyone, knowing that people think enough of me to vote has made me very proud and pleased and very very happy.

I noticed that a few of my friends have been nominated too and so right now I imagine there are a lot of little happy dances going on as people see just how much others think of them. If you haven't nominated then please do consider going along and filling in the form which will only take a minute or two of your time. And if you would like to make me very happy then please feel free to nominate me and to make it super easy for you just copy the text below

and then you can paste it in the categories you think me worthy!