The Royal Wedding

When Prince William and Kate get married later this week, we will be watching here at A Mothers Ramblings. I think that it is important that Top Ender and Baby Boy watch, as this is a piece of British history. We have a Royal Family and because of that I am very proud. I suppose you could call me a Royalist, but I figure that as we have this link to our countries history we should enjoy it. After all there aren't that many countries left with a Royal Family. Oh and we will be celebrating by display flags on our car too. Yes, we are one of *those* people.
Union Jack on the Car

I remember watching Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew get married in 1986 (it was a Wednesday not sure what month or date but it was a Wednesday), I watched it on a TV at my Gran's house and I remember thinking how important it was to know that I watched it. I watched the coverage of Prince Charles wedding to  Camilla in 2005 at my home with Daddy and a dozing Top Ender.

This time I think that technology is playing a much bigger roll in celebrating a Royal Wedding, with app's being created in celebration. One that we were sent a jpg version of (we weren't given the app) very much describes The Story Of Us that I wrote before Christmas, about how Daddy and I met and were married! Only we weren't real Royalty and our pictures weren't quite so cute, the stories were both written for children though!

Image from Will & Kate: a Love Story for the ipad
Image from Will & Kate: a Love Story for the ipad.

Whatever you views on The Royal Family, I am sure that you will agree in wishing this young couple every success and happiness on their wedding day and every day in the future as a fairytale ending is what we are all after in life.