Mother Love - The Gallery

This week the theme for The Gallery is Mother Love. I did have a great photo of Jen from Mum in The Mad House that I had taken of her with Maxi and Mini at the weekend, but when it was blown up it was a bit blurry and so I knew I had to do something else... plus I couldn't waffle about the picture all that much!

The Gallery Badge

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing that I did was right for Baby Boy and of course this did lead to me having a few short tempered moments finally ending when I told him off rather forcefully for a mess he made throwing things around and he ran from the living room crying. As he stormed upstairs to his bedroom I cleared up the mess he had made and when I heard him coming back downstairs I was sitting ready for him on the sofa.

Baby Boy has this thing about not saying Sorry. It doesn't matter who is right or who wrong or what has happened but if Baby Boy needs to apologise we have to work really hard to get him to say Sorry so that we can move on. I was ready for him. Baby Boy walked up to me carrying a T-Shirt on a hanger from his wardrobe. 
"Can you put this on me please?" he asked pouting
"Sure, are you getting dressed?" (he was in his Pyjamas)
"Yes, I am leaving you so need to put my T-Shirt on!" he stated

I pulled him up on to my knee and asked where he was going to go.

"I'm going to find another Mummy" he said folding his arms across his chest
"Oh, that will make me Sad" I said
"You were mean" he said
"Yes I shouted because I was naughty"
"I don't like you any more" he huffed
"Well how will you get where you are going" I asked
"Running!" he answered as if I should already know
"And where will you go?" I gently asked
"Granny's" he admitted sulkily
"Do you know how to get there?" I questioned
"You will draw me a map" he answered

This of course led us on to talking about Dora, which soon made Baby Boy forget all his plans of running away and snuggled into me to watch a cartoon on the TV. As I we sat there I couldn't help but pull out my camera to take a couple of shots of us being all loving because even though we had both been bad there was still that bond between us. 

Mummy and Baby Boy