Top Ender Giggles - Big Head

Daddy and Top Ender had gone out in the evening for a quick trip to the Supermarket (they needed some last minute supplies) and whilst they were out Top Ender was telling Daddy about School.

"I sit on the purple table Daddy" said Top Ender
"What's the purple table?" asked Daddy
"That is where the smart girls sit! Long Haired Girl is good at Literacy and I am good at maths. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better at maths than she is at literacy though." Top Ender said smugly
"Watch out for your big head Top Ender!" said Daddy
"It has to be big, to get all the Maths inside..." said Top Ender matter of factly

And look her head is huge too...

Top Ender has a big head for Maths to fit in and gappy teeth for straws to fit in!