Parsons Close Recreation Ground in Leighton Buzzard

My Mum and Sister live in Leighton Buzzard (near where I grew up) and so when we go to visit them we often go to local parks. Parks that my sister and I would visit as children, parks that even Daddy would occasionally come to Leighton Buzzard to play in. One that I remember having many summer picnics in was Parsons Close Recreation Ground which is at the bottom of the High Street. This park was much loved in the Summer thanks to it's paddling pool which would often be filled with children splashing each other to cool down in the heat.

My sister had popped to the park the other week with her three girls, it was a very hot day and so she wanted to treat her girls to a trip to the park. The paddling pool didn't exist any more, having been closed a few years back and so when she got there and saw a new wet area with fountains she and her girls were a little excited. When she got back home she gave me a call letting me know of the changes to the park and so it happened that on Easter Sunday we found ourselves in the Park in the late evening sunshine, enjoying the new £200,000 feature that had been created by SSP Water & Play who were also responsible for the Peppa Pig World themed water area at Paultons Park.

Baby Boy at Parsons Close Recreation Ground

The water was cold but not freezing and Top Ender and Baby Boy and the other children running through the water looked to be enjoying themselves with the adults a safe distance away from the splashing and kicking of the water!

Top Ender at Parsons Close Recreation Ground

It was getting cooler and soon only Top Ender and Baby Boy were left in the water play area and I could resist for any longer and had to join them. As we thought the fountains and sprayers actions are determined by pressure points in the ground and a couple of the water fountains.

Mummy at Parsons Close Recreation Ground

It was a great day and if you are ever in the local area, pop on down and let me know so I can join you!