Big Boy's Train Trip

Earlier this week, when Top Ender and I were going to the Theatre we had a bit of a time issue. Top Ender and I needed to be at the Theatre before curtain up at 7:30pm but if Daddy got the train home, we wouldn't make it to the Theatre until 7:40pm. We realised that a plan we had concocted a while back was going to have to come into play.

Big Boy was going to have to go home on a train.

What would really happen, was Daddy would get off the London bound Virgin train at Milton Keynes Train Station and meet Big Boy, Top Ender and I and take Big Boy on a local service to the station nearest our home. Together they would walk the mile or so home, leaving Top Ender and I with the car and enable us to get to the Theatre on time.

Big Boy was ecstatic about this, mainly because the two train stations he would use don't have escalators, which is what he hates about Euston and the London Underground. So we purchased his ticket and took him to the gates.

I'd asked BB to hold his ticket, as I'd wanted to put away my wallet, it was only supposed to be a temporary thing, but BB was so happy that I trusted him with his own ticket that I ended up letting him hold on to it.

Big Boy pulling Faces instead of posing nicely like I'd asked him to

And put it into the barrier machine, all by himself.

Big Boy putting his ticket in the machine at the Railway Station

With a wave of his hand, BB was off. Running down the concourse to his Daddy who was coming up from one of the platforms.

Big Boy waving goodbye at the ticket barrier

Daddy sent me a picture a few minutes later. Big Boy was still clutching his ticket and has decided that he wants to frame his ticket and a photograph of himself!

Big Boy on the Train

This wasn't supposed to be a big thing. This was just an ordinary adventure, a time for Big Boy to spend with his Dad, whilst Top Ender and I were having an ordinary adventure of our own.

It turned out however to be a BIG thing for BB, a trip full of adventure and firsts and one that has let him know that he's no longer a little boy, but a big one, a trusted one, one who's responsible ans smart and loved.

I think it's one train trip that BB isn't going to forget for quite some time.