The Summer Menu at Beefeater #Review

Every week, my Mum and I go out for a walk. Well, actually it started as us going out for a walk, but soon turned into us going to the local shopping centre and going shopping! The point is, we get a bit of exercise together, we spend some time together and then after School and picking up the Children we disappear off to a restaurant and share a meal together. This week, I was asked if I'd like to review the new Summer menu at our local Beefeater, so my Mum, the Children and I descended upon our local branch, ready to taste, nibble and slurp!

The Barn Beefeater Milton Keynes

I am normally terrible at picking what I'm going to have at a Restaurant, so I may have spent several hours looking at the menu in advance. Somehow I forgot this when I got to the Restaurant and spent a good ten minutes staring blankly at all the dish names! In the end I decided to go with the Prawns as a starter, whilst my Mum picked the Ribs and Top Ender the Nachos for one from the daytime menu. Big Boy picked Nachos too, but off the Kids menu.

It has to be said, that from all the starters it was mine that was the best. Honestly, they were delicious, and the ribs were a little too sweet and light on seasoning and Top Ender's Nachos were just too big. They were more a sharing platter size! If you ask Big Boy however, his starter was the best but he's seven don't ask him!

Beefeater Starters #Review

The main meals soon arrived. I had gone for the Salmon, Top Ender the classic Fish and Chips (again from the day menu) and my Mum had decided to try the lamb special, a sort of stew thing. Big Boy of course picked Pizza from the Kids menu, but it was a close run thing as he nearly asked for the Chicken Poppers. Again by some fluke of fate, I had picked the best dish, my Mum's lamb just didn't taste great. It was a little burnt and my Mum and I worked out that it was the way that the dish had had it's sauce made. You know when you deglaze a pan, and if you aren't careful you burn the sauce? That's what had happened. The server did ask if we wanted to return the dish, but my Mum declined because by the time a new dish was cooked, the rest of us would have finished our meal and my Mum is already the worlds slowest eater!

Beefeater Mains #Review

The other dishes, were nice don't get me wrong, but the Salmon was by far the best!

We decided that we would have puddings, I mean why not?! My Mum decided to go for a French Coffee (she isn't LDS like I am), Top Ender a Toffee Popcorn Sundae and I had a Melt in the Middle Chocolate Pudding. Big Boy picked a Caramel Ice Cream from the Kids menu but wished he could have had Top Ender's Sundae because it was so BIG!

Beefeater Puddings #Review

The meal, along with a J2O for Top Ender, two 7up Free's for my Mum and I and a free Orange Squash for Big Boy came to £70.55.

I was actually a bit shocked, I didn't expect it to be that much, especially because the last time we had gone it had only cost just over £50 and from what I remember the meal the last time was a lot better. Still, it didn't matter. We had a great time and we were well fed and our server couldn't have been more helpful or apologetic over the parts of our meal that were disappointing to our discerning palettes!

We received part of our meal for free, in order to provide this review.