The Kittens

We knew it was going to happen. We knew that as soon as Top Ender was on her School Residential for the week, that Peach would have her litter of kittens. We were hoping it would be, towards the end of the week, or hopefully next weekend as that's when we had worked out her gestation should be over.

Instead, as I was walking home from seeing Top Ender off on the coach, Peach was having a kitten.

As I'd got home, I'd mentally planned out my day.

Feed the Cats.
Do the dishes.
Work out.
Catch up on some TV.
Write for a bit.
Clean the house.

I was feeding the cats, when I noticed that Peach wasn't coming over from the back door and she is normally first to the bowls when food is being offered! So I went over to see what was happening and I saw this.

Peach having just had her first Kitten


So I called my husband and told him it was happening. He'd left for work late because of Top Ender going on her residential for the week and encouraged Peach to go to the rather safer, cleaner nesting area that we'd helped Peach set up over the last week or so.

And Peach decided that actually what she's really like was to hide in the back of the sofa.

There was rather a lot of noise and I wanted to make sure that she was birthing the Placenta, so I had to cut open the back of my sofa.

Having to cut open the back of my sofa

And there was another kitten sitting in there.

Peach having given birth to yet another kitten

Daddy turned up just after a third kitten had been born and he got to see the fourth and fifth kitten be born, although he thought it rather smelly and a little vomit inducing!

Peach and her litter of Kittens

Eventually Peach got the kittens into the nesting area, cleaned them all up and gave the Kittens a great feed. All the little babies were happy to be around their Mummy and having snuggles. Daddy and I started nicknaming them. We figured we needed to so we could keep tabs on them, Strawberry (because she was a Strawberry blonde and a bit lighter than the other ginger) and Moses Jr (he looks like our older cat called Moses) were the two Ginger Kittens.

Adorable Kittens in a heap

Harry was easy to spot because of his lightning bolt ginger "scar" on his forehead.

Adorable Kittens in a heap

And Mario Jr because he looks like his Daddy.

Adorable Kittens in a heap

Reverse Panda, or Panda to his friends because of his big white eyes.

Adorable Kittens in a heap

I've admitted it on Facebook, but Panda is my favourite. He's the smallest, the runt of the litter and more than likely up to a week younger (gestation wise because of how Cats conceive) than his siblings. I'm stupidly attached to him, even though I know that not only might he not make it, but more importantly we aren't keeping him.

Kittens feeding from their Mama

So.  Within two hours I went from owning five cats to ten.

I can't really keep them all can I.

Can I?