My Christmas Swagbucks Fund

It's a well known fact that I love Swagbucks. I love spending a short amount of time each day reaching my target (personal if not the one Swagbucks has set for me) and then every so often cashing in my swagbucks for vouchers for either Amazon or Paypal. The original plan had been that I'd save the vouchers up for Christmas, and basically have a "free" Christmas.

Plans change however.

The first thing that happened were our youngest Cats kept trying to get into our swing-lid bins. It was a game to them, they were (and still are) well fed but they were foraging for more food and causing a bit of a mess spilling the contents of the not only the main bin but also the recycling bin all over the kitchen. We decided that we needed lockable bin lids and the only bins we liked that we could find wiped out half of my savings.

We decided to spend some of the savings on buying Big Boy's Birthday gift. It was easier to use these funds because that way we didn't have to dip into our household funds and it just meant that we might maybe stay in the black a little longer than the red in the eyes of our bank.

Big Boy loves his Computer Games

And suddenly the Christmas fund was wiped clean.

I didn't mind, because that is kind of what the whole point of the fund was. Yes, I know it was for Christmas, but it was "free" money and I used it for things that we as a household needed or would give someone a treat that they deserved for a special day.

So I started again.

And here we are just two months later and I have refilled my fund, thanks my own hard work and to the extra points I get from people reaching their own targets and having signed up to Swagbucks through me.

I've started buying small things for Christmas, and this week I've made my list of food items that I want to stock up on so I can add an item or two to my shopping list each week.

How do you save up and prepare for Christmas?

Yes, I get points when you get points but you don't have to sign up through me if you don't want to. It's just nice to share right? Also, if you sign up let me know and I'll give you all my top tips for making target each day!