The Fourth Week of June

Hello Friends! I feel like this week, I spent most of my time eating, although I'm sure I didn't as I have lost weight (Wahoo!) and more importantly there are as many pictures of Kittens and my children on my phone as there are items of food. Oh, I take pictures of everything I eat as a way of making myself accountable and also making sure that I keep an accurate record! So, here was my week.

The Fourth Week of June

The week started with Daddy, Top Ender, Big Boy and I heading off to Ikea to buy a sofa after the cancellation of our sofa delivery at the end of the week before.

Sofa from Ikea

As we had the hire can for a couple of hours more than we needed, we decided (thank to one of Daddy's co-workers who pointed out the possibility) to clear the driveway of junk and take it to the tip. Our driveway has been covered in junk for AGES and so it was brilliant to clear it and such a relief! I physically felt two tonne lighter after the driveway was cleared and we've got plans of how to get rid of the bricks as we can't take them to our local tip and we don't really want to take them in the car as we like having a car with a working suspension!

A cleared driveway (well apart from the bricks!)

Sunday was of course Father's Day. Daddy and I woke up early, as is normal, and waited for the children to join us. Eventually they did and they presented Daddy with their gifts and cards.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

After Daddy nearly cutting the tip of his finger off we set about the rest of the day with a trip to see Daddy's Dad to hand over his card and gift and then for a family walk, where Big Boy found a Ten pound note in the undergrowth! After Top Ender, Big Boy and I went to Church we came home to share an evening meal with Daddy. It was so delightful to eat in the garden together in the evening sun and just enjoy each others company.

Top Ender and Big Boy

The School week started with plenty of fun, the Children and I have stuck with our choice to eat breakfast outside every morning (kind of helps having the new sofa as we're sticking to the rules of not eating on the sofa!) and to be honest we've been having such brilliant conversations, enjoying the fresh air and it's just nice being together in the morning before the children go off to School!

The week ended with Daddy going to work a bit later than normal, as he had to go to Cambridge. This meant he got to be with us for Breakfast and see our new morning routine... although he didn't want to follow our rules of being ready for breakfast at 8am! Luckily, he did follow along and we all sat together eating breakfast and having a great chat together.

Breakfast in the Garden

I had a plumber out on Friday afternoon, after he apparently went home sick on Wednesday (and nobody bothered to call me to let me know) and he quoted us for fixing our shower (which mainly involves changing the taps over as the angle it is at is incredibly awkward and we can't do it ourselves without special expensive bendy tools), which was completely acceptable, seeing as how we'd spent half the amount of money on a sofa than we were expecting to. I can't wait to have a shower back, although I think our water bill might go up with all four of us showering twice a day!

And that really is just about it for this week. We've had a good one but I still want to know about your week! How has your week been and what have you been up to that you'd like to share with me?