Passive Aggressive Gifts

Last weekend, BB was invited to a Birthday Party for a little girl. Now, I know the little girl and her family but was stuck on what to get the little girl for her birthday. Luckily an adult that also knows her pointed me in the direction of sparkly hair clips and headbands telling me these were to be a sure fire winner and I hope that they were! It got me thinking on what my normal gifts are, normally I get books or craft items, add some pretty paper or a lovely bag and bow and everything looks good and that's good for me!

Nicely Decorated Gift Bags

Then I got to thinking about the gifts that my children have had in the past and gifts which I wish I had given to others because to me they represent nothing but pain and torture and disappointment and suddenly I thought, what a great idea to make a list of them so we can all use them to gift to a child of someone that we might be really really hating right now.

Oh and if you do pass these gifts on, make sure you smile ever so sweetly, look the person in the eye and declare something like. I thought your Johnny would love this because I know how creative/talented/smart you are...

Non Washable Felt Tip Pens

Felt tip pens are great fun to use to draw all over yourself with, and when you have to scrub it off later in the bath or even off your leather sofa or Laura Ashley Wallpaper... well then they are even more fun.


I used glitter once. It was 1982. I've moved house six times since then, had countless baths and showers. deep cleaned the house and I'm still finding pieces of glitter in my hair.

Gift Cards for a Store Where More Money Will Be Spent

As much as I love Build a Bear, there is a downside. If you get given, for example a £10 gift card then the only thing that you can buy is a £10 Bear. Children sometimes have this unexplainable urge to also want to buy an outfit and twenty seven accessories to go with the Bear. This can mean that instead of a nice relaxing all paid for visit, a parent can suddenly end up having to spend a small fortune to complete your gift... Mwhahahahahaha.

Band In A Box

This one I really can confess to doing by complete accident. Once, when my Brother was small I purchased him some musical instruments. I think his Dad took them off him one morning when he and my Brother's Mum had a particular vicious hangover and I think that is all the explanation that is needed. PS Sorry Auntie M and Uncle K xx

Anything That Needs Refilling

Chocolate Coin Maker is the one that sprung to mind initially. All great for the first few goes, but then you run out and you have to hunt down the refill packs...

Anything That Requires Skillz

In the past we've been given those shaker things, you know where you mix up the powder and water and put it in a mould and then you have to paint it? Top Ender loves them, and I would too if I wasn't the one who had to make sure that there are no air bubbles and that it's the right consistency and it's left for the right amount of time and just gah!

Anything That Has A Sound Chip And A Hidden Battery

Top Ender used to have a really great Teddy, it was beautiful and it went with her everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. The only problem was it had a little sound chip in it, and that little sound chip was, well it was annoying. REALLY annoying. Luckily the battery wore out so quickly that someone might have thought someone else had purposely shut the button that activated the sound into a door or something to run it down a lot faster. Oh, Voice Changers and walkie Talkies come under this category too.

So what are your Passive Aggressive gifts to give to those you love to hate, or those who just seem to never be able to help themselves with their little comments that sound oh so sweet, but are really jibes?!