Exercise Buddies Needed!

Whenever my husband is home, we go out for a walk during the day. If the children are at School, we go without them and then go again when the children are back from School. If the children aren't at School, we all go for at least one walk during the day, but normally two. My husband, whilst not exactly sporty is actually the one person who seems to be able to motivate me to go and do more.

On a Family Walk

The problem is of course, my husband isn't here every day. My husband doesn't work from home, and so he can't be here to motivate me to do more. I wish I could motivate myself more, but to be honest I can barely motivate myself to do the minimum, I'm lazy at heart.

And that's a big problem.

A couple of weeks back, I was messing around with the CCTV Cameras with Big Boy and I caught sight of myself from behind.

Talk about a big problem.

And right there, I swore I was going to exercise more. I was going to eat less.

And life got in the way, looking after Big Boy whilst he was sick. Looking after the Kittens. Taking my Mum to hospital. Cooking dinner. Doing housework. Hearing the Children read.

And then it was a week later. I swear, all I did was blink and a week had passed.

I started thinking on the issue and decided that what I really need is to find myself an exercise buddy. One who'll help me to be motivated. One who doesn't have to go to work. Then I realised that this isn't actually true. What I really need is to have someone who knows how to motivate me, someone I don't want to let down and someone who isn't me to check I've exercised.

So I asked Daddy to check up on me. To make sure that I had exercised each day and so far it's working... I just hope I don't get all annoyed at him checking up on me even though I've asked him to!

How do you motivate yourself and hold yourself accountable?