Christmas Biscuits!

As with most things that I write about, this all came about because, I had a brilliant idea. My idea was that on one of the days that Top Ender and Dan Jon were off School in the run-up to Christmas Eve, that we would decorate some biscuits and then hang them from the Christmas Tree. You know, like you always see in those amazing Christmas Movies that are on 24/7 in our home during December. As always though, my plans fell through and it wasn't until the Saturday before Christmas Eve that we were finally in a position to decorate our biscuits.

Luckily I had predicted my fail and had picked up a few Gluten Free Biscuits ready for Flyfour to decorate and eat later too, as I figured it would be really evil to get him to decorate something he couldn't eat! So we all gathered in the Kitchen around the supplies and got to work.

Dan Jon, Top Ender and Flyfour about to decorate their biscuits

We explained the rules to Flyfour, you were to come up with an idea, you were to then execute that idea as best you could on the Gingerbread Heart and then when we'd finished we'd let the icing set before hanging them on the Christmas Tree.

These were our designs. Which one do you think is the best? It's okay, I wont get upset if you don't pick mine, but mine is fairly obvious the winner right?!

Gingerbread Hearts Christmas Family Fun

After we'd finished decorating our Gingerbread Hearts, we started work on our Chocolate Digestive Biscuits, which we wanted to turn into Christmas puddings. Aren't they cute! By the way, we're missing one as between decorating and taking a picture, Dan Jon managed to eat one of his!

Christmas Pudding Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

We spent a bit longer decorating some diferent Christmas biscuits in different designs and having a giggle together about our useless decorating skills, which if we keep up our little decorating biscuit family time we might actually improve before next Christmas!

Merry Christmas decorated Chocolate Digestives (Gluten free version!)

I think the hardest part of decorating the bscuits was stopping everyone from eating them! They are ready to be eaten now though as they are finally on the Christmas Tree, my little idea of some good wholesome family fun has been actualised and of course it is Christmas Eve, so all the treats being held back for Christmas are fair game now!

Decorated Christmas Gingerbread Stars

There is just one reason as to why we might not want to eat them, that's because my usual seat of next to the Christmas Tree smells so good!