#LightTheWorld This Christmas

Each Christmas the Children, Flyfour and I try to do something extra that helps those around us. It might be that we donate a little extra to the local food bank, or that we provide gifts to one of the local shelters, that we donate to a local Charity or one of a hundred other things that we decide to take part in as a family. Last year, we took part in the Light The World campaign, where Church members all over the world were celebrating the life of Jesus by being a light to others and acting as he would be serving and helping those in our community.

This year, we're all taking part in the campaign again and I think based on the joy we got from serving others last year, it will be one of the main highlights of my Christmas.

Light the World illuminating gif

Apart from this blog post, you probably won't see anything else by me on any of my Social Media accounts about what we are doing to Light the World. Don't get me wrong, I will be documenting it in my journal and with photographs that we'll be able to look back on, but my little family love Serving others, not for a reward or for likes on social media, but because we genuinely want to make the lives of those around us better and we hope that you will join us too.

There is a Light The World calendar that you can download if you want to join in with us, and if the Scripture that is shared each day doesn't inspire you with an idea of something you can do, just let me know and I'll give you a few ideas either based on that day's Scripture, or from the hundreds of things that we have done in the past. 

I love that this Christmas we are thinking of others, and not just about our own wants and needs. I love that we are celebrating the life of Jesus Christ by acting as he would, by brightening the worlds of others and I really do hope that you will join us too.