Dan Jon's Christmas Concert And The Secret Treat

For the last few years, the Christmas Concert for the older years of the Primary School that Dan Jon Jr attends has taken place at a local Church. The Church isn't actually that far from us and so normally Dan Jon, Top Ender and I walk to the Church and Top Ender and I enjoy the concert whilst Dan Jon performs and then we walk home singing carols together.

This year though, Top Ender was at the second of her Christmas Meals, this time with the Brownies as helper Little Owl (they wisely upgraded the Owlettes name!) and so Dan Jon and I waved her off with one of the Adult Helpers who had kindly agreed to take her and Dan Jon and I walked to the Church.

The Local Church At Night

As always the concert was brilliant. The children sang their hearts out, the orchestra played the pieces they had been practising since the start of the year wonderfully and the readings were read in the quavering voices of the children, all the while the smiling faces of their families in the audience facing them and encouraging them and enjoying the innocence.

Dan Jon Jr in his concert

With Top Ender not being with us, I had an idea of how to make the evening a little more special for Dan Jon and I as we walked home. Something that I had to put into motion before we left for the Church Concert.

As we walked home, we sang and we danced and then as we reached the local park, I pulled out my secret weapon.

Hot Chocolate.

Secret Hot Chocolate with Cream and Sprinkles

Dan Jon Jr LOVED that I was able to pull out two mugs of Hot Chocolate and of course some squirty cream, marshmallows and sprinkles. Together we sat in the park, sipping our Hot Chocolate and giggling that we were in the dark, but still having some fun.

It was amazing hearing Dan Jon giggle as I pulled out the bits, as we walked home counting Christmas Lights and this simple treat turned the evening into an amazing night, full of memories that I'm sure we will remember and we can't wait to do it all over again!