Family Fun In The Snow

When we woke up last Sunday, our home was covered in snow. It was terribly fun to wake up to, even more so when a message was sent round letting us know that Church was cancelled so as to ensure the safety of the congregation and keeping with the advice that had been given about only essential travel being undertaken.

Early Morning Snowfall

Dan Jon was so eager to get out, it was all I could do to get him to chew down some toast and wait for everyone else to finish getting dressed before he ran out into the Garden. I mean it was important we got out as soon as we could, we had essential snow business to undertake!

Top Ender had been challenged to build a Snowman by the Ward's Young Women leaders and Dan Jon and I wanted to take beautiful photographs, have a snowball fight, walk on fresh snow, have a go in the sledges and generally have fun in the snow!

And we managed it all.

Top Ender with the help of Flyfour, Dan Jon and I built a fantastically happy Snowman, with the use of some of the slate used to decorate the Patio, blueberries for eyes and a Suncream cap for a nose!

Top Ender with her Snowman

Dan Jon built his own tiny Snowman, a Cyclops called Dave (I have no idea), who lived on the Garden Table.

Dave the Cyclops Snowman

And he also found time to build a small wall between the Kitchen and the Garage!

Dan Jon building a snow wall

We then went for a family walk around our Estate, smiling and waving to neighbours that we knew by sight because we see each other at the local shops, or on the School runs or when we are out on one of our family walks.

It was lovely to see that everyone was doing the same as us. Snowball fights, building Snowmen and checking on elderly neighbours who may have been caught out unexpectedly by the snow.

Dan Jon Jr, PippaD, Top Ender and Flyfour out on a walk in the Snow

We were all having a good giggle and stopped at a local copse of trees to take a new photograph of the children to put on the main computer as the background image, as our old one was a little dated.

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr in the Snow

The copse of trees happens to be at the top of our road, with a nice long smooth path that was relaid a few years back. As the road does slope so nicely to our home, we thought it would be rater lush to let the children be pulled down the hill on their sledges.

Dan Jon and I thought it was fabulous fun and as you can see from this little animation below, we got some speed up!

Dan Jon Jr Sledging down a hill in the snow

Dan Jon did eventually fall off the sledge, not because we were going fast but because we went over a few bumps in the snow (also known as the kerb when not covered in snow!) but Dan Jon knew how to make the best of it and started making a Snow Angel, whilst giggling his head off over the fun we were having together as a family.

Dan Jon making a Snow Angel

After we all changed out of our wet and cold clothing, we rounded off the morning with a rather decadent Hot Chocolate.

Decadent Hot Chocolates to warm up with after our frolicking in the snow

The day was one of those rare perfect moments that I know in years to come will have passed into family folklore, stories full of love, life and laughter.