Christmas Trifle

For the most part, the Christmases that I remember were held at my family home. I mean sure there were some that were held at my Grandparents home (and they were special) but when I think about my childhood Christmas memories, my Grandparents would drive down to our home a few days before Christmas Eve laden down with gifts and TONNES of food. Seriously there was always a Christmas Ham, a Christmas Cake, Mince Pies galore and the piece de resistance to my mind a Christmas Trifle!

Unfortunately after my Parents divorced, the Christmas Trifle was no more. Well, I'm sure my Nan still made it, but the delivery of it to my parents home, along with my Grandparents and other Holiday treats was no more.

Delicious Christmas Treats

As I said the other day though, it was about this time that Flyfour and I were married and so we were busy making our own family tradtions and merging the ones most compatiable from our respective childhoods and somehow trifle didn't make the cut.


The problem is, it's been about eleven years since I remeber eating a Christmas Trifle made by my Nan and my memory is a little dodgy. So I sent WhatsApp messages to my Mum and Sister to confirm that my memories of the Christmas trifle layering were right and even went to Ikea to buy a bowl to put the trifle in.

And then on Boxing Day I made the Trifle as I remembered it. Sponge cake (gluten free) covered with the juice and fruit of two small cans of Fruit Salad.

The base of the Christmas Trifle

Home Made Custard, covered in a layer of sliced banana.

Home Made Custard for the Christmas Trifle

Whipped Cream layered on top, with hundreds and thousands and a few Chocolate Curls, because it's Christmas and when can you add Chocolate Curls to a Trifle if not at Christmas?

Hundreds and Thousands with Chocolate Curls on top of the Christmas Trifle

It was AMAZEBALLS and this is one tradition that will be staying put each Christmas from now on.