Father Christmas At The Ward Party

When you are the Primary President of your ward, you (and your family) get all the fun jobs.

No, I'm not being sarcastic, I seriously mean the real fun jobs. Like for the last two years, I've been in charge of making sure that Father Christmas knows when our Annual Ward Christmas Party is and then helping him with the children.

Luckily, I know Santa really well and he is always available to come and visit with the Children at the party and he rather loves doing so too. Thanks to a family friend he is also always well dressed, seriously I really appreciate that friend!

Father Christmas AKA Santa

This year, Santa brought a crate of gifts all wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string. It looked like he, or one of his Elves or even Mrs Claus spent ages wrapping those gifts up, doesn't it? I happen to know however that it didn't take that long, it was remarkably cheap and that a certain family will be having the same for their gifts at home next year...

Jingle and Belle hanging out with Santa's gifts wrapped in brown paper and string

There were a few moments of absolute delight for me, Santa and the children. 

When Santa first walked into the room we were holding the party, the applause was amazing. I know it was a group of people who were finishing their meals and so were happy as they knew that if the younger children were going to be occupied by Santa for twenty minutes or so it meant they could get to the Puddings without interruption, but the applause still made me realise how special Santa is.

Dan Jon Jr and Father Christmas

The second was when Santa was sitting and talking with the children and a couple of the adults weren't sure of Santa's erm...secret identity and asked me if it was who they thought it was. I was so proud at that moment because Santa is someone very close to me.

The third moment was as Santa was leaving. Several Adults and children asked Santa if they could have selfies with him. Santa was most bemused at this but found time to pose with each child and adult before going back to the North Pole to finish his Christmas Eve preparations.

Top Ender and Father Christmas

Later that evening after everyone had gone home, Father Christmas gave me a call to let me know about a child that he thought deserved some recognition. This child had sat at his feet and been incredibly well behaved, whilst others talked to Santa. They had then talked to Santa and had used their best manners, had been incredibly polite and after they had opened their gift (with permission from Mum and Santa) ran up to Santa as he was leaving to tell Santa how fantastic everything in the parcel was and to express his gratitude for such a great gift.

I bet that Mrs Claus, who no doubt was the one who picked out the Smiggle goodies that were in the parcels and wrapped them and tied up the string and managed to tie a sweet to the parcel and used her best handwriting to write the children's names on the parcels, wasn't even mad when she heard about that little boy.

I bet that little boy made Mrs Claus's night.