The Lengths Flyfour Will Go To

Whilst Flyfour and I were watching TV the other evening, an advert for Green and Blacks came on. Now, this advert had caught my eye recently, not because of the woman being chased by wolves, not because of the nice dress that the woman was wearing but because of the seemingly massive bar of chocolate that she was tucking into.

Green And Blacks Advert Screen Shot with a MASSIVE Bar of Chocolate

I mean look, that bar of chocolate is HUGE.

Flyfour and I paused the advert and were trying to work out how big the bar was, based on the size of the woman's fingers in the advert and comparing it to bars of chocolate we had at home. In the end, I was convinced that the bar of chocolate in the advert was oversized compared to normal Green and Blacks Chocolate Bars!

For any normal family, that would be the end of it.
Nobody ever said we were a normal family.

One evening Flyfour and Top Ender disappeared off into the garden with the specific instructions that I should stay put on the sofa given to me and that Dan Jon Jr should keep me company before going up to bed.

It wasn't long before I heard a notification on my phone that someone had tweeted at me, so I took a look and found that Flyfour was telling the world about my problem with the chocolate bar and the advert. Dan Jon and I rolled our eyes at each other and I replied to the tweet before continuing having a hug with Dan Jon and reading a chapter of our latest shared book.

A few moments passed and my phone pinged again. I found another tweet sent to me by Flyfour, again with regards to the Green and Blacks chocolate bar and again with a photograph.

Apparently, Flyfour had roped Top Ender into a little scheme to prove to me that the bar of chocolate was as big as I had worked out and was staging a photo shoot in our back garden!

Top Ender recreating the Green and Blacks advert

Yup, Flyfour had taken the time to print out a giant bar of Green and Blacks, stuck it to some leftover cardboard packaging and had got Top Ender dressed up to recreate the advert, just for a giggle.

I told you we weren't a normal family.