My 2018 Word Of The Year

I didn't have to think long about my word of the year, for 2018. It was obvious to me and as soon as I vocalised it, it felt right. I did think that I might need to try a few other words just in case this wasn't the right word for the year, but then I remembered my word for 2017 and realised that throughout the year I have been focusing and so it shouldn't be a surprise that the word came so easily to me.

Last year, my word of the year was Focus and I believe seeing that word every night before I fell asleep and every morning when I woke up and every time I went into my wardrobe seeing that word was perfect for me. It made me think more about what I was doing, what I was focusing on and what was important.

Which is why this year my word for the year is Family.

Family. My word of the year 2018

Family is what is most important to me and I know that if I remember that every day by seeing the word on my wardrobe door that I will intentionally do things to strengthen my family.

And what more could I want for 2018?