What We Are Eating W/C 9th December 2017

YAY! This is the last week of School for Dan Jon, Top Ender has a couple of days the week after to "suffer" through, but with everything going so fast, I doubt that we'll even notice and it'll be time to return to School before we know it!

Anyway, here is what we are eating this week!

Gingerbread Christmas Jumper Cookies

Saturday - Poutine

So... Last night I was supposed to cook Poutine for the family, but I kinda forgot that Flyfour wasn't going to be home, in the end we had a takeaway, and Flyfour had suggested a Chinese (seeing as he wasn't here!) but when I told Dan Jon, he asked if we could have a Curry. The boy likes Curry! So we swapped the Poutine to tonight and had a curry last night.

I think that Flyfour will be trying to get Curry on the menu a lot more now that Dan Jon is also a fan of the dish!

Sunday - Family Meal

We have my Father In Law and his wife coming to us for a meal this evening, well as long as there isn't a heavy snowfall that is! My Step-MIL is a Vegetarian and so we're making two versions of a family favourite... At the time of writing this, I just needed to get Flyfour to actually decide what it was that we would all be having!

Monday - Soup and Toasties

I figure there will either be leftovers from yesterday or we'll also be able to have toasties and soup. I'm thinking of making a Sweetcorn Chowder, I have an old recipe and no idea if it'll work or not!

A Wreath Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Sweater

If not then we'll make some more Christmas Cookies and eat those to make it up to us!

Tuesday - Fish Pie

We have a couple of packs of frozen fish hanging about in the Freezer, so I'm going to use those up to make a Fish Pie which we'll eat before we go to Top Ender's concert.

Dan Jon and Flyfour are going to be staying at home, so I'll whip up something for them to have together as a treat whilst Tops and I are hanging out at her School!

Wednesday - Sausage Rolls

Every time we go to the Panto, Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr love hanging about in the bar because they get free Sausage Rolls. It helps that they are quite well known by the Theatre Staff, but I figured that we'd eat Sausage Rolls before we go to get them in the mood.

Plus I have some in the Freezer. Yes, I'm running down the freezer still.

Thursday - Gnocchi with Tuna and Sweetcorn

I really fancy this, I'm not sure the rest of the family will, but they'll be willing to give it a try because they will be hungry and I'm the only one who is cooking this evening!

Friday - North Pole Breakfast

Flyfour and I have been talking about having some special family time, the only problem, of course, is that we're rapidly running out of time! What with Flyfour having work, the Children having School, Christmas Parties with family and friends, volunteering, Carol Concerts and a tonne more besides we've realised that we need to think outside the box a little.

An "ugly" Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Sweater

Which is why today is useful! Flyfour has today off and so we're having our North Pole Breakfast tonight instead of one morning.

So that's what we are eating this week and I can't wait!