All Meals W/C 28th May 2019

Half term, of course, means lots of fun for our family! There is a little extra month left at the end of the money and so we are trying to be frugal by eating as much as possible from home and from what we have in our fridge, freezer and store cupboard and sure enough, there is always something that can be made from seemingly nothing!

Chicken and Salad

Top Ender is deep in revision, with just a year to go until she will be sitting her exams she has taken the advice that Flyfour and I have told her at least a zillion times, that we regretted not having put in more work with our studies and she is taking that on board and studying hard! We're going to intersperse her studying with a few local trips to places like the library, some Orienteering and some other local places of interest.

Now, on with the week!


Tuesday to Friday - Sort yourself out!

I'm going to be busy sleeping, doing the cleaning, trying to beat the latest level on my computer game or reading. I just won't be cooking breakfast!


Tuesday - Ponyo Noodles
Wednesday - Picnic Lunch
Thursday - Sausage Rolls
Friday - Pasta Salad

Evening Meal

Tuesday - Wedges
Wednesday - Fish Finger Sandwiches
Thursday - Pippa Paella
Friday - Tuna and Salad with New Potatoes

So there you go, that is what we are planning on eating this week. How about you, anything exciting coming up that you'd like to share, any meals, in particular, you'd like to know how I make them or if I would make them so you don't have to try it out on your family? Let me know!