*That* House

Do you know *that* house?

The one where you go and even if they aren't expecting you they still manage to make a full meal for you within minutes of you arriving? Or maybe you don't know from personal experience, but you know that house because it is in every film, tv show and book you seem to watch or read.

I've accidentally become *that* house.

a plate and table full of food

When we finished our walk at Nettlebed, we were intending to drive to an M&S or similar to pick up some lunch for all four of us, but the nearest M&S was too far and we couldn't be bothered, so we decided to drive home and eat there. The only problem was, we hadn't planned on eating at home and I didn't know what we'd eat because everything was going to be used in a meal in the coming week.

I raided the fridge for a few items and made a lunch that was a lot more substantial than I intended.

We had slices of Apple and Pear, Cold Meats, slices of Cheese, Salad, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Pickles, Crackers, Crisps and I'm sure there was more. As the children started putting the bits out on the table in the garden (it was a beautiful day) I realised that I had made a meal for the family to eat from nothing.

I had become *that* house.

I actually think I like being that house.