Weekend Meals And Plans 18-19th May 2019

This weekend is actually the first weekend in May where we will actually be together and to say we are excited is such an understatement it's not funny! Of course, Tops and I have been together and we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and Flyfour and Dan Jon have had a great time together, they had lots of fast food and even went swimming together!

This weekend, we are also having a little bit of a surprise, Dan Jon has a surprise Birthday party today (Sssh, he still doesn't know and he'll not find out until after lunch) and we just can't wait! I'm truly so excited!!!! After we've finished with Dan Jon's party we're off to a meal out for my Mum's, Mine and Dan Jon's Birthday.

Dan Jon looking uber cute

This weekend we're having;

Saturday Lunch - Meat Loaf Sandwiches
Saturday Evening Meal - Birthday Meal Out

Flyfour isn't organising a movie for us to watch this weekend, instead we're going to be watching Eurovision, well Flyfour and Top Ender will! Dan Jon will be in his room playing on his computer and I'll be in my bedroom half watching and half doing something else, it's the law for a Eurovision weekend.

Sunday Lunch - Munch and Mingle/Chicken Goujons for Flyfour
Sunday Evening Meal - Cold Meats and Sausage Sandwiches

Sunday, we will be having a Munch and Mingle at Church and then in the afternoon, we have a family member coming around to see Dan Jon as it's the first time they've been free at the same time as us! We'll be playing some more games in the evening, Dan Jon did get one for his birthday that I'm sure he'd like us all to play, before everyone once again disappears to their own favourite spot to do their own Sabbath Day things.