A few months back, Dan Jon lost his bookmark.

This was a huge deal because unlike Top Ender and I, who will use a receipt or a train ticket or a chewing gum wrapper, Dan Jon can only use a bookmark to mark his page in his book.

So, I quickly made one for him using his favourite drawing of mine and Dan Jon has quite happily been using it to mark the pages in his latest read.

Dan Jon's Cereal and Milk Bookmark drawn by me, PippaD
The last couple of weeks has seen me start two different books, and I have a third on the way when Top Ender has finished with it and I realised that I haven't got any train tickets or car park tickets or even "normal" sized receipts to use and I knew that I had to make my own bookmarks.

So, last week, when I was out with my Mum and waiting for her when she was in an appointment, I made myself a bookmark to go with the book I was reading that Dan Jon had lent me

 and a slightly more grown-up bookmark to go with one of the books I was reading that I got for my birthday...

I said slightly more grown up, not totally more grown up!

Are you like Dan Jon and only use a bookmark or are you like Top Ender and me, who will use anything to hand to mark our place and more importantly what do you think my next bookmark design should be?!