Happy Birthday Dan Jon Jr

Today Dan Jon turns 11.

Dan Jon Jr on his way in from School

This young man, who is honestly the sweetest and kindest person I know, is going to do great things with his life. This isn't just some proud Mum speaking, this is because I can see the hunger in him to change the world, to make it more just, to give others a helping hand, to ensure all feel loved and welcome and to not feel the pain and sufferings of the world.

Dan Jon was missing from Church due to illness a couple of weeks ago, and three of the Primary workers came to hunt me out after Church to check all was well with him. They had missed him. They had missed his kindness to others, his opinion, his thoughts and his normally good behaviour.

I had a teacher stop me, she doesn't normally teach Dan Jon but had been covering his class. Is he always like that, so kind, encouraging and laid back? she asked. I had to admit, that yes he was for me, that, of course, like all young men he occasionally wasn't, but that for the vast majority of the time he is the sweet and considerate young man she had met.

I love how when he comes home from School, we hug and talk about our day.

I love that he blesses everyone when they sneeze.

I love that he still gives me a hug and a kiss in the playground, in front of his mates, before School.

I love that he loves to wear his hair long.

I love that he loves to wear hats.

I love that he has a style all of his own.

I love that each night when he comes in we play a game to try to frighten each other.

Dan Jon Jr peeping through the door

I love that he helps his Sister with her revision, by suffering through being taught something he isn't that interested in.

I love that he always compliments me on how I look.

I love that he volunteers to play levels of computer games for his Sister because he is better at it than her.

I love that he is interested in food and loves whatever I serve him.

I love that he reads his Scriptures each day without prompting.

I love that he reads each day without prompting.

I love that he is so laid back and calm. Seriously, this kid is horizontal he's that laid back.

Dan Jon Jr looking all relaxed

I love a million more things about him, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love him and I am so very glad that he is such a lovely young man and that I get to call him my son.

Dan Jon,
I wish you all the joy in the world.
I wish that you will never be cold, hungry or lonely.
I wish that you will be able to do the things in life that make you happy. 
Happy Birthday!
Love Mum xxx