Sowers of Faith

A few weeks back at Church, we were discussing the Parable of the Sower. It's one of my favourite stories, ever since I found a video on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints website called The Sower, which I've embedded below for you to watch if you want. It really is fun, so do if you have time!

In Dan Jon's class, his teacher thought it would be fun for the children to be given a few sunflower seeds so that they could sew the seeds at home and try to recreate the environments mentioned in the parable, so that they could truly understand what the environments were and how it could be "translated" from a parable into what Jesus was teaching.

There must not have been as many students in the class that week as the Teacher had been expecting, as Dan Jon came home with several seeds, so he was able to plant a few in shallow ground, a few in the thorny ground and a couple in good soil.

We did start them off in the propagator, but within a few days, we knew we needed to move them outside, where they have been growing inches on a daily basis.

Sunflowers growing tall

Seriously, the plants are growing so fast!

It's been a great lesson for Dan Jon seeing if the seeds did or didn't grow and growing these sunflowers has helped us all to understand the parable more.