Sending Thank You's

For my birthday, I received many beautiful and wonderful gifts from my friends and family and I was honestly overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness that went behind each and every gift and card given. How could I show my appreciation for these gifts, for the thoughtfulness and the kindness that was shown?

Well, obviously by saying thank you in person, as I did, and then later sending a Thank You card.

Thank you card designed on Canva by PippaD

It took me a few days, as I designed the above card in Canva and then printed them out at home, Before writing a note on the back to the friends who had taken time out of their day to think of me and to thank them for the gift they had given me and explain how I intended to use the gift/what it meant to me.

I delivered them by hand, but sneakily, leaving them in the letterboxes of their front doors, or in one case getting Top Ender to pass it on as she would see a friend before I would and I'm not exactly sure which one is her house as I've only ever been in the dark!

As I was talking with other friends I was shocked to realise, that nobody in my peer group sends thank you cards or letters to friends or family for gifts that they have received at Christmas or on Birthdays.

I know that I often send them to people who have done something nice, or friends that need cheering up and I like to think of that as my own personal smile and hug in the post service. Giving my friends a chance to know that they are loved and thought of even when they are feeling down or just acknowledging that they did something someone thinks of as amazing.

So, is the act of sending a thank you card now old fashioned? Should I move on to sending video messages or texts (please no to the latter) to my friends and family?

Whatever the answer, I think I'm going to keep up with my thank you cards or notes. it really is the least I can do.