Weekend Meals And Family Time 11-12th May

This weekend, I won't be at home and neither will Top Ender. Together we are on a PGL with our Brownies (I'm Brown Owl, she's Little Owl at the same unit) along with three other Brownie leaders and several of Top Ender's old Guides Unit (she is now in the Senior Section and a Young Leader hence the Little Owl name) and we are leaving Dan Jon and Flyfour at home for a boys weekend.

Top Ender and I know what our weekend is going to be full of; giggles, girls who won't go to sleep, missing socks, forgotten toothbrushes, food, fun, water, more fun, campfires, more food, exercise and the odd bit of homesickness. The boys? Well, their weekend is going to be similar and full of video games, food, swimming, more food, TV and the odd sensation that something is missing...

So with that, here is what the boys will be eating this weekend.

Flyfour eating a Gluten Free McDonalds

I don't know.

I have given the boys free reign over what they eat and apparently, they intend on going to the Supermarket on Saturday and buying what they need or want... which I think actually means they intend on eating McDonald's or Burger King and foraging in the cupboards for pasta or beans or something along those lines!

As long as when Top Ender and I finally get home on Sunday evening there is still some junk food in the cupboard for us to eat, we'll be happy!