The Hot Chocolate Run

I know from experience of all the Beaver camps I went on with Dan Jon and from talking with the Brownies and Guides that one of the "best bits" of a Brownie/Guides/Scouts holiday, is that before going to bed, the unit (and leaders) get a nice mug of Hot Chocolate and sits together to relax a little after a looooong day and it's a great way to get everyone just a little extra ready for bed.

You know, the whole "Please fall asleep within a couple of hours, so that we can get a couple of hours to sleep ourselves before someone wakes up because they are homesick pretty, pretty, please?"

It just so happened that on my first Brownie Weekend (to PGL Liddington), that we hadn't brought any Hot Chocolate and so I was asked to go on a Hot Chocolate run to a local supermarket to grab a few bits that we had forgotten.

So I drove the ten minutes to the shop, purchased Rich Tea Biscuits, and Marshmallows and even remembered to buy some sticks to toast the marshmallows on (as well as making a purchase of some headache pills for myself) and made the journey back to the PGL location.

It wasn't until I was back in my room, that I remembered I'd forgotten to buy the Hot Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Powder

So I drove all the way back again, purchased the Hot Chocolate powder and drove all the way back again and yes I did make it back before Bedtime and even before the end of the Camp Fire so that I could help make some Smores!

Seriously though, am I the only person in the world who can go on a Hot Chocolate run and forget to buy the Hot Chocolate?