Top Ender Giggles - Back in Time

Top Ender came into mine and Daddys bedroom early in the morning to find out if it was the morning and she could play on her DS. She quickly realised that it was as Baby Boy was sitting in our bed with us having a chat about his favourite things (Doors, Cars, Chocolate and Boobs but not necessarily in that order)

"Everything is black and white early in the morning isn't it." stated Top Ender to nobody in particular

Deciding that her observation hadn't been given the attention it deserved she tried again

"Mummy? Everything is black and white like the Olden days in the morning isn't it?" she questioned
"Top Ender, things were in colour in the Olden days, it was just pictures that weren't" I answered
"Really?" she asked in genuine shock "I didn't know"