High Five Meme

It always surprises me when I am tagged by other bloggers with Awards and Meme's and the most recent one The High-5 Meme was something I was surprised to be tagged with not once but twice! Sandy at Baby Baby tagged me as did Aly at Life's Laundry. Both of these blogs have been on my blog roll for a while and I love reading their posts... talking of which if you haven't seen what Uncle P gave to Sandy's boys for Christmas then you don't know why Top Ender is dead jealous and wondering if she could marry a two year old.

So Thank you to these lovely peeps for tagging me and not just because the rules say I have to thank you!

Anyway back to the Meme, after thanks I have to list my top five highlights of 2009 and then tag five people who I would like to here their top five highlights...

So in no particular order here are my Top Five!

1: Baby Boy learning to walk and seeing his first steps. That morning I didn't know that anything special was going to happen. I joked with the teacher that if Baby Boy did walk that I would like it documented, but I really didn't expect it to happen. Having him walk to Top Ender and then kiss her was one of the best things ever not just of this year! I could go on about the things that he has done this past year, but it would be a very long list!

2: Getting a great job. It is hard for me to believe that it was only this past May that I started my job. It feels like ages ago, but as I explained to Daddy the other day, I know that I am good at my job. I don't need anyone telling me, I don't need the facts and figures I just know. And I like not having to worry about work. Don't get me wrong I loved my last job and met some great people (who may or may not be reading this post lol) but the politics of it all were just so horrid!

3: Spending time as a family. I know that this is a generalisation, but honestly this past year having spent time as a family group has been great and I can't wait for warmer weather to come round again so that we can start spending time together outside again. The walks that we went on every weekend were one of the highlights of my week and if we have another water fight in the garden can we use warmer water?!

4: Now stick with me on this one. When Daddy went to Chile it wasn't a hightlight, but it was the time that we spent talking to each other via webcam and on instant messanger and then when he finaly came home they were the highlights. Getting to see Top Ender and Baby Boys faces as they saw him on the computer screen just showed how much they love him and then when they finally saw him when he was back it was just great. So missing Daddy whilst he was away not a hightlight, but seeing him again when he came back was!

5: Telling everyone my weight and doing something about it. Starting the Yummy Mummy with No Tummy Challenge for me was a milestone in my life. It was me turning around and stating loud and clear that I knew what I was doing was wrong and that I was slowly killing myself. It was something that changed my lifestyle and made me realise that I want more than this out of life.

And that is it. So I am going to tag

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