The Yummy Mummy With No Tummy Challenge - Week Twenty

The thing that annoys me about the Yummy Mummy with No Tummy Challenge is that I report it on a Monday. For me the start of a week is Sunday. Sunday is the day I renew myself and my resolve for the week ahead. It is the day that I am changing my diet reporting to!

So this week saw New Year, Top Enders Birthday and the last few treats of the Holiday Season for me. I have had my fill of Chocolate (and fizzy drinks too if I am honest, although don't tell Daddy because we have a case of Irn Bru under the stairs and a couple of bottles of Old Fashioned Lemonade and a further bottle of Pink Lemonade) and the scales have reflected it... I have put on 4lbs!

To be honest I think a lot of this was actually over the whole season and my loss of 1lb last week was down to a sheer fluke.

So the first resolution that I made this year was to lose 104lbs over the course of the year. 104lbs works out as 2lbs a week. 2lbs a week is something that I should be able to do easily, IF I stick to the plan!

Exercise this week is going to be changed slightly as Top Ender doesn't go back to school until Tuesday. My plan for the week is to go for four one hour walks (I say walk but really they are more of a march and I tend to cover just over three miles, but I am pushing the pram!) and to use the Wii games I have to get my heart rate up for twenty to thirty minutes on at least three separate occasions!

So to the forth coming year and to this week I say "Bring it on" and "I am Ready!"