Burns Night - A Mothers Ramblings Style!

Today is Robert Burns birthday, and so traditionally today is the day where there will be a celebration of his life and poetry works... altough a Burns night can be held on any day you like.

My Mum is Scottish, and so I grew up knowing about Burns and about his poems and even memorised one which my Mum taught me (To A Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest, with the Plough) and I can only say in my fake Scottish accent (I say fake as I am 100% English and my Scottish accent is very dodgy) but I have never been to a Burns Supper.

Tonight however I will serve neeps and tatties (mashed turnip and potato) with mince and onions to my teaghlach (Yes I know a few bits of Gaelic, the best bit when I was growing up was learning Gaelic swear words to use during school until we got a Scottish Teacher and luckily she laughed it off) and we shall have a mini celebration of Burns.

Luckily I know the proper format of the evening thanks in part to a conversation with my Mum yesterday, a long ago conversation with my Gran (who even after living in England for about 44 years never lost her scottish accent!) and of course a Wikipedia search which is;

Start of the evening (General socialising, so in other words normal in our house)

Host's welcoming speech (Me explaining what is going to happen and The Selkirk Grace)
Entrance of the haggis (which I won't do as I know what it tastes like and I don't like it and the poem is sooo long and hard to make funny!)
Supper (the affore mentioned mince, neeps and tatties)
Immortal memory (a quick bit about Burns)
Appreciation (will be skipped)
Toast to the Lassies (About women in general and Top Ender and I)
Reply to the Toast to the Lassies (About men in general and Baby Boy and Daddy)
Other toasts and speeches (Hopefully a quick Thank you Mummy!)
Works by Burns (My party piece)
Closing (Bed time!)

So tonight, if you are celebrating with a Burns supper or not please do raise your glass and think of a great Scottish hero.... or my Gran who will always be my Scottish Hero.