The Best Holiday Ever...

We have been on lots of holidays Daddy and I. We stayed in a tent in Wales when we had really only just met.

There was the time that we went to Greece (our Honeymoon) and swam in clear oceans and hired a little motorbike that when we were riding on it we were overtaken by people walking.

Then there was part two of our Honeymoon where we went to Geneva and on our first night it snowed and we woke up to a beautiful wonderland and we spent a fortune on a trip to Mount Blanc, but it was worth it because we had out own private tour guide.

There was the trip to Paris, a few more to Wales, one to Scotland and countless others that I have probably forgotten, and even if I got a visual reminder then I would still swear blind that the event never happened... not that that has happened or anything (Good job Daddy never comments on this blog!) because my memory is great and I never forget anything. But none of these were my best trip ever.

We have been on a few with Top Ender too. A few more to Wales and other various parts of England but none of these were my best trip ever.
It wasn't the first trip to Disneyland Paris with Top Ender and Daddy.

It wasn't the second trip to Disneyland Paris with Top Ender and Daddy.

It was, however, our trip to Italy in 2007.

Daddy and I knew where we wanted to go and we knew we wanted to set our own schedule. We wanted to see all the things that you have to see in Italy and so we made a list of all the places we wanted to go and then plotted them on a map. We ended up just doing the North of Italy and are planning a second trip back so that we can do the South!

We drove from the West coast to the East Coast taking in Pisa, Venice, Verona, Lake Garda, Sirmeone, and up the Monte Baldo in Malcesine. We spoke Italian (badly), ate great food and enjoyed some brilliant weather. We stayed in some great hotels and some not so great hotels. We watched cartoons in a language we didn't really understand, but didn't care because we did it together.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Top Ender wearing a Venetian mask,
The balcony of Juliet (had Juliet existed), Us at Lake Garda,
Top Ender watching Cartoons in Italian, Us in Venice

We ate iceream in the sun, we spoke to old Italian men and women who thought Top Ender was adorable because she had fair hair and tried to speak Italian, we worked out what "L'Accesso Non E Consentito A donne in gravidanze" meant (Access is not allowed to pregnant women) because it applied to me and Daddy found out that the Italian motorways are fantastic to drive on!

This holiday was the best holiday ever, it was full of all the things that for us the best holiday ever should contain. This is the holiday I dreamt about and is the holiday all other holidays will no doubt be compared to... until our next best Holiday ever!