Recycling and A Mothers Ramblings Week Two

I didn't get done what I wanted to this week with regards to recycling. I have an excuse though, the snow kind of made it hard. And Daddy vetoed my idea of putting the rubbish bin outside and bringing the recycling bin inside.

So I had to think again.

We now have a pink sack just behind the kitchen door. Any recycling goes straight in that and everytime I think about putting something in the bin I think about what it is first and if it should go somewhere else first.

As soon as the garden has thawed a little then my grey food waste bin will come back inside to be used on a daily basis. I've cleared a spot for it on the windowsill and everything.

And I am going to start potty training Baby Boy again to stop the nappies going in the bin.

So I have three things going onto my list that I am going to not being putting in my bin from now on and especially in the Zero Waste Week;

1) Paper and paper related products
2) Food Waste
3) Nappies

This photo is the reason as to why I should make more of an effort. You see behind the railway line that is behind the houses at the bottom of my road is the local rubbish tip. I could watch lorries driving in and dumping rubbish if I wanted to. I don't want to be able to do that.

If you want to know more go and vist Karen at The Rubbish Diet