Top Ender Giggles - Death by Top Ender

"Sorry, but Mummy is suffocated on my bedroom floor"

That got Daddy running upstairs quite quickly, but he soon realised he didn't need to worry as he could hear me giggling into the carpet.

You see if we rewind back 15 minutes you would see that Top Ender had been throwing a bit of a strop in the car. It got to the point where she was repeating "Turnaround" every few seconds.

After a minute of this I started singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" well actually Daddy did because he knows the words better than me (Can you say Karaoke King?) and whilst Top Ender was still in a strop at least she had the decency to giggle at our OTT performance.

When we got home it was suggested to Top Ender that she might like to go upstairs to her room for a little while. I went with her and we sat cross-legged on the floor talking until she had calmed down. She climbed on to my lap to give me a hug and in doing so accidentally banged my head on the bedframe.

I decided to pretend to have been knocked out.

Top Ender knew that I was pretending and so did a couple of silly things to try to get me to react like ticking my very ticklish feet.

I didn't react.

And thats when you entered the story!