Top Ender Giggles - X-Rated

Top Ender uses some phrases that we have to explain to her as being "Grown up phrases", and just confirm with her that maybe she shouldn't use them in front of others.

Sausages looking like they are having Sex is one of them, Pole Dancing is another.

To her pole dancing is something that is fun (well thats true for the Grown up Pole Dancing too isn't it chaps?) and involves dancing round a pole (again nothing different there).

When she shouted at the top of her voice at Adventure Island in Southend that she was Pole Dancing whilst wrapping herself around a pole we explained that it wasn't something to shout about in public due to it being a Grown up Term.

Especially as the wrapping of her body around the pole was quite contortionistic.

Pole Dance
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I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Top Ender called to me;

"Look Mum I am pole dancing again!"
"What did I say about that?!" I called back through without looking up from the food I was preparing

There wasn't an answer, so I looked through the open Kitchen door to the living room to see Top Ender holding a cardboard tube from the inside of a roll of wrapping paper behind her with one hand. With her bottom... well you get the picture.

"Top Ender what are you doing?" I asked calmly (but slightly amused although I didn't let her know that)
"Errr, Pole dancing?" came the tentative reply.
"Yes, but why like that?" I asked with as little sarcasim as I could manage
"Grown ups pole dance naked with their bums on the pole. Just ask Daddy."

As far as I know Daddy has never been pole dancing...