Top Enders Birthday

Today is Top Enders Birthday, so please excuse me if for not being here. As an apology here is Top Ender on Birthdays past!

To the most wonderful, kind and beautiful Girl we know!

We hope that today, and everday, you get all the good things you deserve. That you always have enough love in your life and that you know that we are here for you at any time you need us.

Grow up happy and well and keep all your dreams and ideas alive. Make sure you brush your teeth and don't worry about things that you can not change.

Be patient about growing up and don't try to force it, or rush it. Enjoy every moment whilst you can and eat lots of your favourite foods.

Remember that boys (other than those related to you by birth or marriage) are yucky and we get to meet all boyfriends before you go on a date with them and I promise not to ask them if I should buy a hat.

Love Forever

Mummy, Daddy and Baby Boy xxxxxx