The Bacon Roll war of 2010... started by a single Tweet

On Sunday I had two bacon rolls for lunch. Daddy knows me well and put Brown sauce in one and Ketchup in the other. As I was sitting at the PC I tweeted;

"I can never make my mind up, should Bacon sandwiches be accompanied with Brown sauce or Red sauce?"

This led to a lot of people tweeting about their personal preferences. Of course, there were some people who prefer Mustard, or no sauce, or just lashings of butter.

I then wanted to know;

"Okay going to really change things in the bacon roll debate... Soft roll or crunchy roll or sandwich bread?"

Which prompted a second barrage of tweets about soft rolls, sandwich bread, crusty rolls and if 20SomethingMum should get out of the bath to go and get something to eat because the tweets about bacon rolls were making her hungry!

This got me thinking. There are so many different answers as to how people liked their bacon roll... what would be the most popular way and so I asked;

"Can eveyone send your suggestions to me about what sort of bacon sandwich you like, bread, sauce, additional items, crispy bacon etc"

And people Tweeted back.

These are some of the replies;

larainefan Bacon very very crispy,Spoonful of scrambled egg, don't care for eggs much.Mustard,cheese, white bread, tobasco sauce,blk pepper

scarie I like hickory rashers, white bread, little bit of butter , cut all fat off and heniz ketchup mmm

DavidWhe Pannini, Bacon, Brie, cranberry sauce - delicious!!

vwallop my perfect sarnie: toasted thinly sliced sourdough, butter , crispy fried smoked streaky, fried egg, edges crispy, yolk bit runny

Caroljs Fresh bread, butter, crispy but not burnt

maryrelihan mmmmmm bacon..tomato...onion and mustard.....or relish...massive

alithealien marinated in black treacle and soy sauce! yum!

SandyCalico In a freshly baked baguette with butter and brie - the diet option!

afoolishmortal breakfast: Crusty white bread, butter and red. Any other time: soft white roll, lettuce and mayo

bswain The works for me! Lol

Surprisedzoe I like avocado in mine.

chippy37 got to be Brown on a Baconroll unless an egg is involved then chilli sauce is nice :)

So the answer isn't simple. Everyone likes it different (I didn't mean that to sound quite so dirty) and of course there is further debate to this matter;

Stewpot Next question, what sort of plate to serve it on?

But I am not getting into that one!