Daddy Giggles - A Very Yummy Mummy

At Christmas Baby Boy was a lucky young man and got two new plates and bowls. Daddy had been with me when I got them. Daddy had actually seen them, held them and paid for them.

Daddy was sitting with Baby Boy as he was unwrapping his presents. As such this meant that Daddy was able to examine each new gift after Baby Boy had passed his own judgement on them.

When Baby Boy got to the plates and bowls he immediatly passed them to Daddy, with more interest in the paper that had previously been wrapped around them.

"Bit self indulgent isn't it?" muttered Daddy
"Pardon?" I answered having really not heard
"Yummy Mummy" he quoted showing the plate to me

It took an "Oh-my-goodness-can't-you-read" glare and a second for Daddy to realise.